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Redfoo Logo Tee - Party Rock Clothing REDFOO LMFAO

Redfoo Logo Tee

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A lot of people think that's a silhouette of Redfoo doing one of his signature poses while DJ-ing, but it's really an outline from a photograph of Redfoo when he was extreme mountain climbing in the Himalayas. It was the blistering, unforgiving winter of 06' and he was just a few hundred vertical feet away from the mountain's highest peak, when he lost his footing and barreled down towards a deadly snow-covered ledge, catching himself on the slippery edge with his fingers in this exact position. It was incredible. And now you can look at this shirt and know the truth. Or you can just imagine he's talking about a fish he caught. Whatever.


100% cotton knit 
Wash medium cold or warm with like colors. Do not bleach.
Tumble dry low/med heat