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Party Rock Mansion Album - Vinyl

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Redfoo's Solo Album, featuring 'Lights Out' 'Juicy Wiggle' and 'New Thang' and many more party songs! Limited edition animal print double vinyl set, comes with free Party Rock Mansion poster!

"Let Redfoo set you up right, so the music never slows you down."



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Picking up where LMFAO’s endless party left off might be a challenge, but Redfoo does so with gusto on his first solo album. While EDM tracks like the pounding “Party Train” and the blues-fueled "Juicy Wiggle" harness the rubbery, bass-driven style known as Melbourne bounce to aim straight for the hips, the rock 'n' roll-sampling “Lights Out” and the disco-tinged “Where the Sun Goes” give the revelry some unexpected texture. Piano-ballad closer “Maybe” puts Redfoo’s sensitive side on display.